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In harmony with the nature we let you stay in one of our traditional handmade "Fales" (huts) just a few steps from the ocean, the walls are made of woven coconut leafs and your mattress is on the floor that is covered with hand made mats. This is the traditional samoan way. If you prefer the more western style, one of our comfortable bungalows or the Secluded Beach Villa with your own toilet and shower will be ready for you.

We try to live a more ecological life by using solar power and collecting rain water as much us we can. If you get tired of snorkeling and looking at fishes in crystal clear water, we will show you how to weave a coconut leaf basket or how to open a coconut. We will also show you how to paddle an outrigger canoe, do Samoan herbal medicine, cooking and much more. Virgin Cove Resort and Samoa is not only about accomodation, it is about giving yourself time to slow down and get used to living the island way. Enjoy watching the stars sitting on the

beach at night or stroll along to find your private cove for the day. A short walk will take you into Saanapu village where you will be part of the daily village life. The Saanapu village has one of the most beautiful mangrove areas in Samoa which you will be able to see from the nature walk or by renting one of the village canoes. Virgin Cove is a perfect place to relax and meet many other travelers and also to get used to the new culture and climate.

Beyond the limit of our body we are all a part of the eternal same.

The island people are probably closer to a living paradise than many other nations and you do not have to look for the beautiful culture, because it is lived every day. We like to invite you to our resort, were we will introduce the culture and make you a part of it. We also decided from the beginning to show the customs to our guests and do things the traditional way. We believe that people like to visit our island, to discover the real samoa accommodation and Polynesian life.

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Regine & Thomas

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