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Samoa is the Treasured Islands of South Pacific with the most open and welcoming people. Samoa is a safe destination with a stable government and very low criminality. The Samoan people has lived in harmony with their nature and ancient faasamoa culture for more than 3000 years. Samoa and the polynesian Islands are believed to have been settled from south east asia.

The culture is still very important in todays life for the samoan people. In Samoa's 362 villages there are the local matai's, samoan chiefs, who together with the church are the authority of the village. The samoan faasamoa culture is based on helping each other. Even if samoans in general doesn't have much money they always has a home and enough food.

The first european contact was in 1722 when the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeven landed in Samoa. In the 1830's the missionaires with John Williams Christianed the islands. Writer Robert Louis Stevenson settled in Vailima in the end of 1800 and Rupert Broke was enraptured by the islands. Beginning of 1900 Samoa was a colony under Germany and from 1914 a colony under New Zealand until the indepence in 1962.

There are many hotels in Samoa to choose from. You can find everyting from Beach Fales up to expensive samoan boutique hotels or resorts.

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