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Regine & Thomas
It all started in 1982, when Thomas Petersson was still in college and bought a book to improve his English. He was very interested in geography and wanted to know more about the South Seas. On a spring day in 1982, he went to the best bookstore for travel information in Stockholm, Sweden, and found an interesting book about Tahiti.

He become fascinated by the South Pacific and wrote letters to all the visitors' bureaus on all the islands. In a few weeks, many replied and sent brochures. One brochure told about three Americans starting a resort in paradise. This may have been his inspiration for his dream of a resort of his own.

In 1991 while studying computer science in Sweden, he visited the Islands for the first time. It was a short trip to Fiji, Rarotonga, Tahiti and Bora Bora. His second trip to the South Pacific was in 1996 when he went to Samoa for the first time.

Samoa made a big impression on him and he visited twice more in 1997.

It was on this third trip to Samoa that he decided to do something to **fulfill** his old dream. On a Sunday in December of 1997, Thomas and some friends explored the island in a small car. They drove as close to the coast as possible all the way from Lefaga bay. After passing Return to Paradise and Matareva, where they knew representatives from big hotels had already tried in vain to lease the land, they felt that good beaches were not to be found. They thought that they had failed in their search for a good beach resort location. They gave up and went down to relax on the beach in Sa'anapu where Thomas used to go jogging. Before then, he had never been to the point at the western end of the beach...

An incredible view opened up when he walked to the point. He saw a fantastic white beach with soft, smooth, white sand. The beach was in a bay, which spanned several hundred meters. The dense rainforest came down to the shore all along the beach. Walking further, to the end of the beach, he found a fantastic pool surrounded by lava rocks. This beach was incredibly fantastic! It was perfect! Past the lava pool there were two small bays and another longer beach. Altogether there was more than two kilometers of untouched beach and nature.

In July 2001, the resort opened on a very small scale.

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