weather samoa
weather samoa
weather samoa
weather samoa

The most common misbelief about Samoa is the "rainy" season. Many visitors hear or read that you should not make a vacation to Samoa during November to March because it rains too much. Actually it rains more between November and March but most rain comes during the night or in very intensive rain for a short duration of time. Here at Virgin Cove we seems to have less rain compared to elsewhere on Upolu. Many days it is raining in the capital of Apia or just a few kilometer inland, at the same time as we have a clear sunny sky. It is common that weather in Apia is different to the weather on the south coast of Upolu.

November to March is more humid than the rest of the year. It is also shlightly warmer although the variation during the year is very small. It is normal with a temperature of 31 degrees celsius (87 F) at day time and a drop to 24 degrees celsius (74 F) at night time. The water temperature is near 30 degrees celsius (86 F) most of the year.

There is seldom a strong wind in Sa'anapu. Yet it is considered to be the best spot for windsurfing.

The weather forecast and tide table, by Samoan Meterology Division

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Click for Apia, Samoa Forecast

Click for Apia, Samoa Forecast

Tides.Info: Tide Predictions for Apia, Samoa Islands
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